Function quantileSeq

Compute the prob order quantile of a matrix or a list with values. The sequence is sorted and the middle value is returned. Supported types of sequence values are: Number, BigNumber, Unit Supported types of probability are: Number, BigNumber

In case of a (multi dimensional) array or matrix, the prob order quantile of all elements will be calculated.


quantileSeq(A, prob[, sorted])
quantileSeq(A, [prob1, prob2, ...][, sorted])
quantileSeq(A, N[, sorted])


Parameter Type Description
data Array, Matrix A single matrix or Array
probOrN Number, BigNumber, Array prob is the order of the quantile, while N is the amount of evenly distributed steps of probabilities; only one of these options can be provided
sorted Boolean =false is data sorted in ascending order


Type Description
Number, BigNumber, Unit, Array Quantile(s)


quantileSeq([3, -1, 5, 7], 0.5);         // returns 4
quantileSeq([3, -1, 5, 7], [1/3, 2/3]);  // returns [3, 5]
quantileSeq([3, -1, 5, 7], 2);           // returns [3, 5]
quantileSeq([-1, 3, 5, 7], 0.5, true);   // returns 4

See also

median, mean, min, max, sum, prod, std, var